Whats My IP address? Here's your IP address:

Internet IP Address

The Internet IP Address/My IP Address/IP Address of your computer/machine is

* The IP address shown is your Internet IP address & the IP address of your computer if you are using a direct connection to the Internet with a dialup/DSL connectivity. However, if you are using any other broadband service or are connecting through a corporate/LAN network inside a Company, University or School, this IP address is usually of the firewall/gateway or the proxy server. This is the IP address you need to pass on if someone asks What's your IP Address? over the Internet or if you want to know What's my IP address.

Local, LAN & Internal IP Address

not available

The Local IP/LAN/Internal IP address of your computer/machine is
not available

* The IP address shown is the IP address of your computer on the LAN, Corporate, University or School Network or if you are connected through a anonymized proxy it will usually be your real ip address. If you are not part of such a network and connect to the Internet directly with a modem/DSL etc. this information may not be relevant. This is needed only if you want to know if the Internet IP address and Local IP addresses are different, or if the network administrator wants to know what your Internal IP address is. If it says undefined or not available, then we have not been able to lookup the Internal IP address.